App of the Week

Hello! I’m starting a little feature, I’m going to try and post a short post promoting an app each week that I think is good and will help you improve your English.

To start off this little series we have the ‘Spelling Test’ app by Tap to Learn. I’ve had this on my phone for about a year now, not to improve my own spelling (!), but to help my daughter practise hers weekly. It has been a great aid to her spelling so I hope it will help you too. I really like it because you can load it up with spellings that are important to you, perhaps key words from your school or college work or job related terms you need to master to impress the boss. Whatever words you need to practise, this app allows you to record the words by voice and by writing so that you can listen and read as well as testing yourself at the end. If you need to improve your spelling or get top marks in a test I would very much recommend you download this app.

Spelling Test app by Tap to Learn available on itunes.

Spelling Test app by Tap to Learn available on itunes.


Recommended Website for Low Level/Beginner Learners

I just wanted to write a quick post about a new resource I found recently on the British Council ESOL Nexus website. I recommended their website below in one of my videos but wanted to draw your attention to this new section. It’s a really comprehensive, easy to use, online tool for learning English and improving your language skills.

You can check it out here:

esol nexus beginners